Project Triplet

During the last couple of years we really enjoyed cycling with our daughter Lea on a Tandem. Lea was about 4 Years old when we purchased a used Cannondale tandem. We immediately modified it with a so called Stokid which is a kind of special crank-set for children. Lea is nearly 9 now and still enjoys it. However in March 2003 we got twins. Anja successfully tried to carry all 3 children now on her tandem which sometimes looked like this:

Anja with Kids

As Lea gets older now, the idea was born to let her cycle by her own most time and have a slightly longer bicycle to carry the twins instead. The Project "Triplet" was born.

Anja uses the tandem daily for nearly every ride into the city. For heavy usage I discovered the Rohloff Speedhub, which is an internal 14 gear hub. So this was my first prerequisit for the new bike. As you may know there is a great Tandem/Triplet manufacturer in the US called Santana. Unfortunately Santana does provide Rohloff options only with some limitations and for an essential additional charge. After all we decided to build the bike by ourselfs. I searched a couple of weeks and compared several frame builders and decided for Gleiss. Karsten Gleiss has several years of experience in building custom frames and also in building tandems, triplets and quads. So during the next months I'll keep this site up to date about what happens with the project Triplet.

March 2th, 2006
I received the first pictures from Gleiss.
Triplet still unwelded Triplet still unwelded other side

July 13th, 2006
The frame of Red-Porsche-Killer arrived.
Custom Triplet Frame
RAL3000 — no it is not a fire engine ;-)

Rohloff dropout
Rohloff dropouts will allow a smooth
integration of my 4th Speedhub