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Bernd Jäger

Well, it could have been worse. Quality managment with Rhinelanders — this is always a risk.

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The internationalisation of markets is a challenge for any company.

I used to work as managment representative for quality assessment and environmental matters for one of the biggest companies in communication on the left side of the river Rhine. Within the last couple of years I worked on a pilot project for qualitiy assessment concerning ISO 9001. Furthermore I was able -- with central support -- to do a successful implemetation of a forward-looking environmental management scheme sufficing ISO 14001.


Environmental Protection


Kongo-Jäger on an office-safari. I feel perfectly at home in the jungle of quality-assessment-numbers. My colleages value my trait to keep cool even in hopeless situations as well as my optimistic attitude towards anything the future might bring (management representative).

The professional orientation of these management systems happens through an integrated certification by LRQA.

Nowadays I spent my spare time on long jogging tours, no matter what weather or location. Being a couchpotatoe is not my idea of relaxation, but going for a long run! I guess the decades of canoeing have awakened this joy in condition in me.

Bernd Jäger, Oststr. 10, 52428 Jülich, Germany