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Dr. Carsten Jäger

Diese Seite auf Deutsch.

At this institute of physiology in the RWTH-Aachen I wrote my physics dissertation over Marangoni-Bénard-convection-cells. For the production and evaluation of the multiple-choice examination I have developed this program. Then I've worked on the preservation of blood. Meanwhile, I graduated with an analytical method for the evaluation of fluorescence angiography using video processing.

Now I'm a teacher for physics and computer science at the technical school in Düren (video).

If not presently doing a cycling tour through Scandinavia or Russia, then I am reachable at:

Dr. Carsten Jäger, Gutenbergstr. 18, 52349 Düren, Germany
+49 2421/3969115

In my spare time I like to canoe at the Rur in the Eifel – even in the winter, how this video shows.